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Welcome to HiQnet Audio Architect TM

Audio Architect represents the next generation of Harman Pro system design software. It is the culmination of several successful, award-winning applications.

From professional audio applications to the most detailed install designer, Audio Architect provides intuitive, creative, and powerful means of designing and executing a complete Harman sound system.

This guide will help you understand the functionality of Audio Architect as well as Harman Professional's HiQnetTM technology, which offers cutting-edge control over any audio venue.  You'll be able to map a system, make individual or global changes to Harman components, and control other users access to specific aspects of that system.

The guide is organized as follows:



Note: If the window below is displayed upon startup, Audio Architect screens and images will not display properly.



To correct this, right-click on the Windows desktop and select Screen Resolution. Select "Make text and other items larger or smaller".

Here, it is likely that the selection is set at Medium - 125% or something other than 100%. For proper display of Audio Architect screens and images, select Smaller-100%.  The computer will need to be rebooted.