Firmware Update

Select "Tools | Firmware Update" to upgrade the firmware of each Audio Architect component to the latest available version. The network must be active and you must be connected to the device by a USB connection, a serial cable, or an Ethernet local area network. Click on the desired section below for more information.


When you click the Firmware Update button you will see this window.



NOTE: Clicking on the Reboot Now and Reboot column headings will select all the devices in the list.

After you begin the update, the processing screen will appear:


Address: The HiQnet address of the device  

Type: The device type which includes the brand and device name.

Name: The device name.

Current Version: The current version of the device firmware that you have.

Available Versions: The most recent device firmware versions available.

Release Notes: Release notes regarding the newer firmware versions.

Locate: Activates the locate feature, which sends a message to a device to physically display an indicator so the device can be located. NOTE: Each device has its own properties and settings; see individual device help for more information.

Reboot Now: Shuts down and restarts the selected device(s) immediately.

Update: Marks the selected device(s) for firmware update once "Begin Update" is selected.

Reboot: Shuts down and restarts the selected device(s) once "Begin Update" is selected and after performing the update (if applicable).

Status: The status of each device. If the status field is blank, nothing has been done to the device or to the firmware.


Close: Closes the Firmware Update

Begin Update: Starts the update process for selected devices (update information is displayed in the status field).

Help: Brings up the Audio Architect Help file