Going Online

To Go Online, click the Go Online button located in the Workflow section of the Offline Design Ribbon.

This will bring up the Online Operate Ribbon (shown below - online with devices).


NOTE: Device and Custom Panel editing are unavailable in the Online Operate mode.


In the Main Window, the devices will be shown with either this icon , or this .

The R/S stands for Receive / Send where you will select either to Receive a file from the device, or Send the file to the device.

The L stands for Load, where you will Send to the device only.


Go Offline; Returns you to the Offline Design Mode

Match Devices

Synchronize Venue

Route Audio

Run Venue


Venue Presets

Parameter Presets


Logic Rules

Access Control

Event Log


Firmware Update

Auto Locate

Custom Panels

For complete information on Custom Panels, click here.