Match Devices

NOTE: When devices are matched, Audio Architect sends the Device Name and Node Address immediately to each device.


Refresh: Clicking this button will temporarily take Audio Architect offline, then restart the network.


Auto-Match Venue: Automatically enables matching between all the devices in the Audio Architect venue

Detach Device: Removes the device's virtual connection from Audio Architect.


Undo: Erases the last change done, reverting to the previous state.

Redo: Re-establishes the previous state.


The checked items are displayed along side the appropriate devices in the venue; Device Names, Rack/Array Names, HiQnet Addresses, and IP Addresses.

Detach Device

The Detach Device button within the Match control group of the Match Devices pop-up Ribbon tab enables you to detach a device on the network from a device in the main Venue workspace

The Detach button is active for a selection of:

With an appropriate selection in the main Venue workspace, pressing the Detach button will: