Add Devices

Remove Devices

Panel (n): Where 'n' is the number of panels. This window may be expanded if necessary by clicking  the icon.

Once you have created a Panel, the Custom Panel Designer Ribbon opens.


New: Creates a new Custom Panel. Selections are Standard or HiQnet Motion Control Panels which include iPad Portrait, iPad Landscape, iPhone Portrait or iPhone Landscape.



Panel design specifications differ. For background image specifications, CLICK HERE.

If certain multiple Crown devices have been added to the Room, and  is selected within that Room, an option for Master Panel and Monitor Panel may be presented. Here's an example:

NOTE: Not all options shown here are available.

To create and edit Master Control Panels CLICK HERE.

To create and edit Monitor Panels CLICK HERE.


Import: Opens a window for you to select a previously saved Audio Architect Custom Panel.

Add Devices: When creating Master Control Panels, Master Monitor Panels etc., click this button to add devices to the panel.

Remove Devices: When editting Master Control Panels, Master Monitor Panels etc., click this button to removed devices from the panel.

Panel (n): Here you select a panel for several options. As mentioned above, right-click on a panel to Activate, Edit, Remove, Rename, Duplicate or Export a panel.

NOTE: For options regarding a Panel, right-click on the panel which brings up this window:

Activate: Activates the selected Panel

Edit: Opens the edit window

Remove: Removes the panel

Rename: Opens a window to rename the panel

Duplicate: Duplicates the selected Panel.

Export: Brings up a window allowing you to export the selected panel as an Audio Architect Panel file.

Create Link to Panel: If more than one panel has been created, this option allows for linking to another panel.

NOTE: Press and hold the Alt key and press F4 to close the panel.

See the Custom Panel Designer Ribbon here.