The London Architect migration...


Updated February 23, 2015 - Audio Architect 1.6

HiQnet Audio Architect configuration and control software represents the addition of HiQnet London Architect functionality within the HiQnet System Architect design environment.

As of HiQnet Audio Architect version 1.6, this initiative brings with it support for six AKG wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring devices, nearly 60 models of Crown amplifier, dbx loudspeaker management processors and 24 current models of JBL powered loudspeaker under one roof, with the addition of 15 models of the Soundweb London family, with more to come.

The program has taken just over a year to reach this stage, and is due for completion very soon. With the vast remainder of the Soundweb London hardware and London Architect software functionality now incluided in Audio Architect version 1.6, it is time for London Architect users to consider making the switch to Audio Architect - especially with the recent announcements about the forthcoming Soundweb Contrio product line:

●  Soundweb Contrio family

●  Soundweb Contrio wall controllers

●  Soundweb Contrio Server

To help with making that switch, below is a series of FAQs which will help make clear the status of this project.

If there are any questions we can help you with, please feel free to contact us... 



How does Audio Architect differ from System Architect and London Architect?

The interface is a derivation of System Architect, although with an optimized underlying codebase to improve performance for larger systems, with Soundweb London included in a ‘Soundweb London world’ to retain as much familiarity with London Architect as possible.

There have been many enhancements made over London Architect:

  ●  Easier integration between Soundweb London and other HiQnet devices
  ●  Easier HiQnet Motion Control programming for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch
  ●  A more intuitive device matching / going online process
  ●  Improved zooming functionality
  ●  A new matrix control with significant operational enhancements
  ●  A more intuitive GPIO ports configuration interface
  ●  A more intuitive Soundweb London preset configuration interface
  ●  Online preset creation with Panel Presets, available to all Audio Architect devices
  ●  Email alert triggering
  ●  Third Party Controller tool for simple spreadsheet export of control strings
  ●  Exclusive support for the forthcoming Soundweb Contrio family of devices
  ●  A more intuitive BLU link configuration interface



Which Soundweb London devices are included in the latest version of Audio Architect?

As of version 1.4, the following Soundweb London devices are supported:

  ●  BLU-806 (Dante / BLU link)
  ●  BLU-326 (Dante / BLU link)
  ●  BLU-800
  ●  BLU-320
  ●  BLU-160
  ●  BLU-120
  ●  BLU-102
  ●  BLU-101
  ●  BLU-100
  ●  BLU-80
  ●  BLU-32
  ●  BLU-16
  ●  BLU-50
  ●  BLU-GPX
  ●  BLU-8v2

Support for the following devices is planned to be added in a subsequent release:

  ●  BLU-805 (AVB / BLU link)
  ●  BLU-325 (AVB / BLU link)
  ●  BLU-10
  ●  BLU-BIB / BLU-BOB (signal naming)

If any of the above devices are immediately required for a system, we suggest continuing to use London Architect in the meantime, while they are added to Audio Architect.



What new devices are included in Audio Architect?

As of version 1.2, the following models of the new Crown DriveCore Install Series of amplifiers:

  ●  DCi 2|300N
  ●  DCi 2|600N
  ●  DCi 2|1250N
  ●  DCi 4|300N
  ●  DCi 4|600N
  ●  DCi 4|1250N
  ●  DCi 4|1250ND (AVnu-certified AVB)
  ●  DCi 8|300N
  ●  DCi 8|600N
  ●  DCi 8|600ND (AVnu-certified AVB)

As of version 1.2, the new Crown USBX Ethernet to USB server, which enables Ethernet control of the following USB amplifiers:

  ●  CDi Series
  ●  DSi Series
  ●  XTi Series
  ●  XTi 2 Series

As of version 1.6, the new JBL SRX800 Series powered loudspeakers:

  ●  SRX812P
  ●  SRX815P
  ●  SRX835P
  ●  SRX818SP
  ●  SRX828SP



Which London Architect features are included in the latest version of Audio Architect?

The majority of the London Architect / Soundweb London feature set is already included, but support for the following is planned to be added in a subsequent release:

  ●  Macros
  ●  System wiring view
  ●  Soundweb London device conversion
  ●  PC Commands property for Logic End object
  ●  Multiple rename
  ●  Processing object alignment / sizing / spacing commands

If any of the above features are immediately required for a system, we suggest continuing to use London Architect in the meantime, while they are added to Audio Architect.

Can London Architect files be imported into Audio Architect (or vice versa)?

No.  Each software application has an underlying codebase which is significantly different than the other.



What's changed from System Architect?

There are a few differences, but really only improvements.

  ●  Simplified networking
  ●  Matching devices by dragging and dropping devices on the network to devices in the Venue design
  ●  A new Synchronize Venue mechanism enables connecting  to the network with far more flexibility
  ●  Improved workflow

Note that due to the Audio Architect enhancements, System Architect and Audio Architect should not be run alongside each other.

Due to the underlying changes in the software, at this time existing System Architect files cannot be opened in Audio Architect.  Device files and Custom Panel files can be imported however.