Architectural Media Systems in school gymnasiums




The Soundweb London BLU-8 programmable zone controller combined with Soundweb London’s Logic processing make a powerful combination. In this guide we will use the BLU-8 in Encoder Mode as a mixer and CD transport control.

In this application the BLU-8 is located in a small performance area of a school.

The Operator needs simple control over 6 microphones and a Dual CD player.

The left encoder on the BLU-8 allows the operator to select each of the six microphones or the two CD Player transport controls.

The right encoder adjusts the gain of the microphone selected by the Left Encoder. The LED meter to the right changes to a positional meter when the gain is adjusted indicating the relative position of the control.

When the Gain control is not being gestured, the LED meter becomes a VU meter indicating the current level for that zone. This VU meter can be fully customized in the number of steps and indicator color allowing the programmer to tailor the display to the application and end user.

The 7th and 8th positions of the Left Encoder activate the 4 buttons on the BLU-8 as transport controls for the dual CD player. The 4 buttons have been programmed using the Serial Trigger Table Logic Object to transmit the correct serial strings from the serial port on the BLU-16 to the Serial controlled CD player.

The sleep mode has been programmed to dim all the LED’s so the panel is less distracting when it is not in use. To wake the BLU-8, simply press the Locate button or gesture any control. The BLU-8 will wait 2 seconds after wake up before it changes any state variable, so the user can gesture any control to wake that panel up and wait 2 seconds before changing any control.

In the BLU-8 Default control panel, the ‘Lockout Active’ button provides a mechanism to disable the BLU-8 unit until a security PIN number is entered. This might be appropriate when the BLU-8 is located in a public area and restricted access to the BLU-8 functions is required. When the unit is ‘Locked’ any button or rotary movement will be ignored and all LEDs on the BLU-8 will flash RED twice at 1Hz frequency. This indicates that a PIN number must be entered to unlock the BLU-8. To enter the 4 digit PIN number, use the LOCATE button followed by the 4 button sequence (1..4) followed again by the LOCATE button. When a correct PIN number sequence is entered, all LEDs on the BLU-8 will flash GREEN twice at 1Hz frequency. The unit will then be ‘Unlocked’ and normal operation of the buttons and rotaries will be possible. If the PIN sequence entered is incorrect, the BLU-8 will flash RED twice at 1Hz frequency and remain in the ‘Locked’ state.