Regional Introductory Training Course

August 26-27 2014

Carlsbad, CA


The Architectural Media Systems team and Sound Marketing West are hosting this two-day training course in Carlsbad, CA. The course gives an introduction to HiQnet Audio Architect, the software platform that is used to configure, control, and monitor BSS Audio Soundweb London and the Crown DriveCore Install Network Series.

Class size is limited so please register right away and make travel arrangements for what promises to be an informative

Meals will be provided.  Attendees are expected to arrange their own travel & accommodation. 

Full details and a registration form are below.  



      ●  Audio Architect design principles and workflow
      ●  Defining the Venue
      ●  Adding devices
      ●  Soundweb London introduction
      ●  Routing audio
      ●  Associating amplifiers with output zones
      ●  Configuring monitoring
      ●  Grouping devices into racks and arrays
      ●  Single and master device control
      ●  Custom panel design
      ●  Scheduler
      ●  Access control
      ●  Going online 

      ●  Updating firmware
      ●  File management
      ●  Commissioning 
      ●  Working with automated control interfaces
      ●  Day-to-day operation 
      ●  Full screen operation
      ●  HiQnet Motion Control / Powered by Crown
      ●  Basic design in Audio Architect
      ●  Networking     
      ●  Networked audio practices
      ●  Audio routing
      ●  AVB
      ●  BLU link
      ●  CobraNet
      ●  Dante

      ●  Going online to Harman Devices
      ●  Updating firmware
      ●  Sending / receiving parameters


Training location:

 5790 Armada Ave.
Carlsbad, CA 92008






Class will run from 8:30am - 5pm on each day of the course.



Courses are taught in English at the address listed above.  Both days are all-day training sessions. There will be plenty of breaks during these all-day sessions, in addition to the included lunches.


Required Materials:

Please bring a Windows-based laptop computer with the latest version of HiQnet Audio Architect installed, with the laptop meeting the guidlines delineated on the Audio Architect download page.  An external mouse with scroll wheel is also required.



For questions about the course, please email



Registrants are required to notify us by email prior to one business day of the course start date if unable to attend.