HiQnet Audio Architect v1.75.1 (Windows Vista, 7, 8.1)

Note: this is an old version. The current version is: HiQnet Audio Architect v2.55.1 (Windows 7 SP1, 8.1, 10).


IMPORTANT: Please refer to the technical service bulletin for important information about compatibility with .NET 4.6 and Windows 10.


System requirements:

64-bit versions of Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1

Minimum Performance Guidelines:

CPU: 64-bit dual core @ 2.0GHz or better

Optimal Performance Guidelines:

CPU: 64-bit dual core @ 2.50 GHz or better 

RAM: 8GB or more (depending on file size)

OS: 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 (no support for Windows 8.0)

Note: Local Administrator user rights are required to install Audio Architect.  If you are having difficulty installing Audio Architect and are aware that you do not have Local Admin rights on your computer, consult your IT department for access. Also, there is a known compatibility issue with Office 2013 where Audio Architect may not install.



HiQnet Audio Architect™ audio system design and configuration software application retains the revolutionary system design philosophy centered on operational workflow first introduced in HiQnet System Architect™.

In creating Audio Architect, Harman has also incorporated the BSS Audio Soundweb London DSP system backbone within the core functionality of System Architect – combining the power of Harman's proven open-architecture platform with AKG wireless microphones, dbx processors, Crown amplifiers and JBL powered loudspeakers.


London Architect functionality within Audio Architect FAQs - Soundweb London users please read for the latest status...

Download legacy versions of HiQnet Audio Architect and HiQnet System Architect...

Online HiQnet Audio Architect help file...


New in Audio Architect version 1.75.1

● Main Application

○ Improved 'Sync Venue' performance with large venue files

○ Restored direct editing of parameter address in Parameter Address editor

○ Workaround for .NET 4.6 compiler issue that prevented Soundweb devices from being added to the venue view


○ Fixed location management page crash

○ Improvements in country/group/channel settings of receivers


New in Audio Architect version 1.75.0


○ Added support for DSR800

○ HUB4000Q

▪ Firmware update

○ DSR700

▪ Firmware update 2.1.4

▪ Fix for Flutter Noise

▪ Fix for chirping noise in case of change in the gain in pocket transmitter

○ Added Location Management

▪ Postal code database for TV channels

○ SR4500 South Korean bands incorporated


New in Audio Architect version 1.70.0

●  Main Application

○  Allow multiple device tabs open at once

●  BSS Audio

○  Added Soundweb Contrio HiQnet Server with Dante (Beta)

▪  Media engine playback

▪  Store parameter presets when online

▪  Self-healing

▪  Logic Lua scripting

○  Added support for Soundweb BLU-DAN

○  Added folders for links

○  Added sub-configurations


New in Audio Architect version 1.60.2

●  Main Application

○  Added Venue File Templates, accessible from the ‘Open Template’ menu entry in the File menu

○  Fixed discovery issue with Windows 8.1

○  Fixed ‘Open from device network’ not finding devices on the network

○  Fixed crash on exit of application with some venue files

●  BSS Audio

○  Full release of Soundweb Contrio wall controllers

▪  EC-V ▪  EC-4B ▪  EC-4BV ▪  EC-8BV

○  Added check when going online that Dante names were valid


New in Audio Architect version 1.60.1

●  BSS Audio

○  Fixed crash opening wire surface when Japanese characters were used

●  JBL

○  Fixed issue where SRX800 Series speaker model could be corrupted when copying / pasting settings

○  Updated SRX800 Series firmware

▪  Fixed high and low voltage fault reporting

○  Fixed SRX800 Series help file link


New in Audio Architect version 1.60.0

●  Main Application

○  Network adapters are now selected based on adapter rather than IP address

●  BSS Audio

○  Added BETA support for Soundweb Contrio wall controllers

▪  EC-V ▪  EC-4B ▪  EC-4BV ▪  EC-8BV

○  Added mute indication and toggle button to processing object outputs in Configure Audio window for Soundweb London devices

○  Added auto scroll when moving and wiring in Configure Audio and Configure Logic windows

●  Crown

○  I-Tech HD Series

▪  Firmware update

○  DCi Network Series

▪  Firmware update

○  DCi Network Display Series

▪  Firmware update

●  JBL

○  Added SRX800 Series powered loudspeakers

▪  SRX812P ▪  SRX815P ▪  SRX835P ▪  SRX818SP ▪  SRX828SP


New in Audio Architect version 1.50.1

●  AKG

○  Updated DMS700 firmware

●  Crown

○  Updated AVBX installer

○  Fixed issue that caused I-Tech speaker processing to be inaccessible

●  JBL

○  Fixed metering issues on the Master Panels of DPDA devices


New in Audio Architect version 1.50.0

●  Main Application

○  Added Simulate Venue mode enables running the Venue without being online to devices

○  Added ‘Add discovered devices to venue automatically’ Application Option

▪  This functionality mimics the System Architect behavior of automatically adding devices to the Venue when they are discovered on the network

▪  This option does not add BSS Audio Soundweb London devices automatically since they would be added without their existing design

○  Added ‘Automatically navigate to Run Venue’ Application Option

▪  This option forces Audio Architect to go directly online when discovered amplifiers have been added to the Venue automatically

○  Improved performance for the Configure Audio and Configure Logic  sub-modes within the Soundweb London device mode

○  Added optional error reporting back to Harman to help improve application user experience

○  Proxies are now synchronized between Audio Architect and NetSetter

●  AKG

○  Added support for AKG parameters in the Third Party Controller device mode

●  BSS Audio

○  Added support for Soundweb London BLU-8v2 wall controller

○  Added support for Soundweb London BLU-80, BLU-32, and BLU-16 devices

○  Added Room Combine processing object and control functionality to the Venue

○  Added support for Wire Tags in the Configure Audio and Configure Logic sub-modes

○  Fixed Dynamic Meters not functioning correctly in some configurations

●  Crown

○  I-Tech HD Series

▪  Firmware update

▪  Minor bug fixes

○  DCi Network Series

▪  Firmware update

▪  Fix to rare BLU link audio popping

○  XTi 2 Series

▪  Firmware update

▪   Fixed signal LED

○  Assorted user interface improvements

●  JBL

○  Added device presets for Cinema and Installed Sound


New in Audio Architect version 1.40.2

●  AKG

○  Updated firmware for DMS700


New in Audio Architect version 1.40.1

●  Main Application

○  Fixes for localization issues with European versions of Windows

○  Fix for recall of Crown amplifier parameter values within Soundweb London presets


New in Audio Architect version 1.40.0

●  Main Application

○  Added support for new Custom Panel Region Meter Button control

○  Added support for AVB routing and the world's first AVnu-certified AVB devices, the Crown DCi 4|1250ND and DCi 8|600ND amplifiers

○  Improved support for HiQnet Motion Control

○  Added ability to include Crown parameters in BSS Audio Soundweb London links

○  Numerous performance improvements and other fixes

●  AKG

○  Graphical representation of all AKG devices on the Audio Architect Venue

○  Association of all AKG devices with HUB 4000Q connection slots on the Venue

○  '1 Click Setup' wizard to perform an environment scan, calculate intermodulation-free frequencies and configure the full wireless system with a single mouse click

○  New AKG wireless Device Mode for AKG wireless microphone system solutions including Live, Frequency and Time (realtime RF monitoring) modes

○  Live mode:

▪  Editable channel properties such as name, frequency, country, channel, encryption etc

▪  Device Locate, Mute, and On / Off

▪  RF, AF and Battery Level meters

▪  Online / offline status

▪  Firmware updater for devices connected to a HUB 4000Q

○  Frequency mode:

▪  Frequency against RF level graphical representation of all wireless channels in the system

▪  Environment Scan operations: Start, Loop, Clear, Stop, Save, Open and Print

▪  The ability to set a Loop Scan

▪  The ability to view intermodulation products on the frequency / RF level graph

○  Time mode:

 ▪  Provides realtime and history monitoring of RF level, antenna status and diversity error reporting

●  Crown

○  Added support for AVnu-certified AVB-compatible DriveCore Install Series amplifiers:

 ▪  DCi 4|1250ND

 ▪  DCi 8|600ND

○  DCi N / DCi ND new features:

 ▪  Pilot Tone v2 (with Burst Mode)

 ▪  Sidechain EQ filters

○  Assorted user interface improvements

 ●  BSS Audio Soundweb London

○  Added support for the new BLU-50 signal processor with BLU link

○  Added support for pinnable / hover Dynamic Meter mouse pointer function within the Audio wiring view

 ●  HiQnet Motion Control

○  Maintains connections and subscriptions through App 'sleep' state

○  Maintains connections and subscriptions while a connected HiQnet device goes offline and restores when returning online

○  Improvements to device discovery and retention

○  Support for BSS Audio Soundweb London BLU-806

○  Meter support for BSS Audio Soundweb London devices

○  Added support for multiple instances of Motion Control on a single HiQnet network

○  iOS 7 performance and operational improvements

○  General stability and network enhancements


New in Audio Architect version 1.30.2

●  Main Application

○  Improved load time of venues that contain a large number of BSS Audio Soundweb London links


New in Audio Architect version 1.30.1

●  Crown

○  Updated USBX firmware

○  Fixed synchronization bug with CTs 4200USP/CN and CTs 8200USP/CN


New in Audio Architect version 1.30.0

●  Main Application

○  New automatic Locate tool

▪  When enabled, the front panel of connected hardware enters the ‘Locate’ state automatically, as determined by the device selection in the Venue Explorer or Venue

○  Improved user interface and performance for Soundweb London Presets

○  Performance improvements and other fixes

●  BSS Audio Soundweb London

○  Added support for the Soundweb London BLU-101 Conferencing Processor with AEC

○  Added support for the Soundweb London BLU-102 Conferencing Processor with AEC and Telephone Hybrid

○  Added support for AEC and Telephone Hybrid processing objects in the Soundweb London Route Audio mode

●  Crown

○  Assorted user interface improvements 


New in Audio Architect version 1.20.2

●  Third-Party Controller enhancements:

○  Object IDs in the Venue Explorer and Third-Party Controller mode can be displayed in hexadecimal, decimal, numeric or octals

○  Two additional columns have been added to the Third-Party Controller mode .csv export to support hexadecimal and decimal addressing

○  The HiQnet Object ID is now displayed in the Soundweb London Configure Audio mode Properties window for the selected audio Processing Object

○  The HiQnet Object ID is now displayed in the Soundweb London Configure Logic mode Properties window for the selected logic Processing Object


New in Audio Architect version 1.20.1

●  Third-Party Controller enhancements:

○  Object IDs are now visible in grid

○  Object IDs can be viewed in hex or decimal

○  Description of the contents of the string for the selected parameter or preset has been added for easy reference

●  BSS Audio Soundweb London

○  Fixed issue that was causing Soundweb London devices to take longer than expected to synchronize

○  Fixed a rare issue that would cause the application to crash when loading venue files that contained Soundweb London devices


New in Audio Architect version 1.20.0

●  Main Application

○  New Third-party Controller device

▪  Collation of system-wide parameters and presets within a dedicated Third-party Controller device mode

▪  All parameter functions supported:

▪  Subscribe

▪  Unsubscribe

▪  Get

▪  Set

▪  Bump up / down

▪  Preset recall supported:

▪  Soundweb London presets

▪  Device Presets

▪  Any number of Third-Party Controller devices may be added to assist with segregating parameters and presets appropriately

▪  Export to comma-separated value (*.csv) files for import into third-party control system configuration software

▪  Preset formats for AMX and Crestron export with ability to customize for other formats

○  Added customizable auto-save functionality 

○  Venue and Soundweb London design zoom point now derived from current mouse pointer position

○  Improvements to the Venue and Soundweb London design canvases by enabling scrolling beyond the limits of the design in all directions

○  Improved network performance

○  Improved Custom Panel performance

●  AKG HUB 4000 Q

○  Updated firmware

●  BSS Audio Soundweb London

○  Added support for Soundweb London BLU-GPX

○  London Architect ‘Save to Device Network’ functionality added

○  Improved compiler report

●  Crown DriveCore Install Series

○  Added support for DCi 2|1250N, DCi 4|1250N

○  Added Master Crossover Panels

○  Added Speaker Tuning Advanced View 

○  Updated firmware, including support for Pilot Tone Detection and SLM

●  Crown I-Tech HD Series

○  Updated firmware

▪  Firmware update performance improved

●  Crown USBX

○  Updated firmware

▪  Improved stability

▪  Added ability to update amplifier firmware via USBX

▪  NOTE: Amplifier firmware update limited to one device at a time


New in Audio Architect version 1.10.2

●  Bug fixed where the application was over-subscribing to Soundweb London devices

●  Bug fxed where the application would crash when configuring Windows location to Norway


New in Audio Architect version 1.10.1

●  Bug fixed where a file saved in version 1.0 with custom-named Soundweb London processing objects could cause the application to crash when opened and the configuration edited in version 1.1


New in Audio Architect version 1.1

●  Main Application

○  Soundweb London Parameter presets and Device Presets are visible in the Venue Explorer and can be dragged directly onto controls in the Custom Panel designer

○  Full Screen Mode

●  BSS Audio Soundweb London

○  Support for Audinate Dante-enabled devices Soundweb London BLU-806 and BLU-326

○  Signal naming / following in the Route Audio Mode

○  96kHz support

○  Integrated Link and Parameter Preset creation for the Matrix Mixer / Router processing objects

○  FIR filter Processing Object

○  Support for the latest revision Soundweb London Analog Output Card

●  Crown DriveCore Install Series

○  Support for the DCi 8|600N device

○  New Bump and AutoBump Control Port functionality

●  Crown I-Tech 4x3500HD

○  Fixed Advanced Crossover configuration bug

○  Firmware updates

▪  Fixed display watchdog timeout bug

▪  Improved screen load time in Display UI

▪  Removed many confirmation dialogs in Display UI

●  Crown CDi, DSi, and XTi / XTi 2.0 Series

○  Firmware updates

▪  Modified the fan turn on threshold level for the power supply temperature – the fan may now switch on during idle operation


New in Audio Architect version 1.00.1

●  New DriveCore Install Series Network firmware version

●  Issue resolved: if the host computer has an invalid gateway the application would crash

●  Issue resolved: online Crown DriveCore Install Series Network amplifiers would not populate in racks correctly

Note: if after installing Audio Architect a strange font appears on some control panels, reboot the computer to resolve.  We are looking into this issue and soon hope to have a fix which doesn't require a reboot.